• Physician Dispensing

    Physician Dispensing is one of the easiest ways to generate ancillary revenue for your practice!

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  • Cash and Carry Dispensing

    Cash & Carry Dispensing involves no insurance processing.

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  • Workers Compensation

    Worker’s Compensation Dispensing is fast and convenient for the patients!

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  • Commercial Claims Processing

    Learn how to electronically process pharmacy claims directly with payers!

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  • Dispensing Software

    Physician Dispensing Software Manages Inventory and Helps You Stay Compliant

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Doctor is your practice on life support?

Is Your Medical Practice on Life Support? More independent physicians are leaving private practice to become employees of hospitals or larger group settings to avoid the complexities of government regulation and payment models than ever before. Everything from accountable care organizations (ACO’s) to bundled/gain-sharing plans and value-based payment modifiers are complicating the business side of Continue Reading

Is Physician Dispensing Right For My Practice?

There are a lot of questions doctors ask themselves when considering physician dispensing. Is it legal? What will my patients think? How much should I charge? These are all common questions that doctors ask themselves when considering adding a pharmaceutical program to their practice. Deciding whether or not to participate in a dispensing program is Continue Reading

Running a successful independent practice today requires more working capital and cash flow than ever before.  Revenue generated from Physician Dispensing can help with rising rent, malpractice insurance, and costs of employee benefits. The landscape for hiring personnel has also become more competitive. Large institutes offering higher wages to staff are making it more difficult for Continue Reading

The Cost of Physician Overload

Physicians across the country are exhausted and overwhelmed with paperwork, in part, due to increased regulation.  Most doctors love interacting with patients. Unfortunately, current work trends are eroding job satisfaction.  This trend is also impacting private medical practices financially.  Physicians are spending more time with paperwork and less time with patients. An increase in prior authorizations Continue Reading

Burden of ACA Co-pays and Deductibles

ACA exchange plans add financial stress to medical providers. Patients have a 90-day window to pay their premium, which leaves the physician exposed to unpaid patient claims. Enrollees that sign up for the new ACA exchanges and receive treatment for healthcare services, sometimes fail to pay their premium.  This can leave the physician stuck with unpaid claims. Continue Reading