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  • Physician Dispensing

    Physician Dispensing is one of the easiest ways to generate ancillary revenue for your practice!

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  • Cash and Carry Dispensing

    Cash & Carry Dispensing involves no insurance processing.

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  • Workers Compensation

    Worker’s Compensation Dispensing is fast and convenient for the patients!

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  • Commercial Claims Processing

    Learn how to electronically process pharmacy claims directly with payers!

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  • Dispensing Software

    Physician Dispensing Software Manages Inventory and Helps You Stay Compliant

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Multiple Dispensing RepackagersOur Difference

There are very few companies in the marketplace that understand the challenges physicians are facing every day.

MedX has successfully helped providers generate ancillary revenue for years and understand the challenges providers face and the frustrations of today’s healthcare marketplace.


Let MedX show you how to generate ancillary revenue from multiple channels while maintaining your private practice independence.

It Is All About The Money, Right?

It is a popular belief that all physicians are wealthy. The public and politicians do not understand the sacrifices physicians face every day and the stress that comes from owning and operating a medical facility.  There are several challenges physicians face in medicine today.

Many physicians have come to us with different goals and motivations to implement our dispensing programs, but they all seem to have a common challenge – cash-flow.  Every practice we have encountered has cash flow issues due to declining reimbursements and rising overhead costs.  Increased pressure to keep up with healthcare standards and paperwork are eating into profits to the point that providers question if it is worth continuing to practice medicine.

Cash Flow Is Key

Doctors have limited control and influence when it comes to the changes in healthcare, but they can control how they react to those changes.  Our dispensing programs provide a way for physicians to generate revenue from prescribing and dispensing medications.

Correcting cash flow issues with ancillary programs, such as dispensing, is one way to combat industry changes to allow your practice to maintain its independence.  Most practices have aligned themselves with larger entities, like hospital organizations, because it is too expensive to operate as an independent practice.  It’s unfortunate to see practices selling out and becoming dependent, and many times weak cash flow is to blame.

The Competition

MedX is very conservative with our approach in helping physicians generate ancillary revenue.  We understand it is a delicate line that needs to be handled professionally and ethically.

Experience Is Everything

Since 2005, MedX has been helping doctors generate ancillary income to help meet their revenue goals.  Let us review your needs and goals today.

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