• Physician Dispensing

    Physician Dispensing is one of the easiest ways to generate ancillary revenue for your practice!

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  • Cash and Carry Dispensing

    Cash & Carry Dispensing involves no insurance processing.

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  • Workers Compensation

    Worker’s Compensation Dispensing is fast and convenient for the patients!

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  • Commercial Claims Processing

    Learn how to electronically process pharmacy claims directly with payers!

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  • Dispensing Software

    Physician Dispensing Software Manages Inventory and Helps You Stay Compliant

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Is Physician Dispensing Right For My Practice?

There are a lot of questions doctors ask themselves when considering physician dispensing. Is it legal? What will my patients think? How much should I charge? These are all common questions that doctors ask themselves when considering adding a pharmaceutical program to their practice.

Deciding whether or not to participate in a dispensing program is a personal decision. Dispensing programs can provide more service to patients and improve doctor/patient confidentiality.

Patients with sometimes embarrassing conditions would prefer to get their medication directly from the doctor treating their condition instead of a third-party pharmacy.

Doctors are looking more closely at dispensing programs today as a way to help stabilize financial cycles. Doctors are starting to think outside the box to save money and retain more reimbursements. Every dollar saved can help pay for overhead expenses and things needed to run your practice on a day-to-day basis.

If you’re looking for ways to capture more reimbursement without having to increase overhead expense, then consider talking with us about physician dispensing today.


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