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    Physician Dispensing is one of the easiest ways to generate ancillary revenue for your practice!

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Physician Dispensing

Ancillary Services Are in High Demand with Physicians in Private Practice Looking To Remain Independent

Physician Dispensing, In-Office Dispensing, Point-of-Care-DispensingAsk Yourself:

  • Are you sick and tired of declining reimbursements from insurance companies?

  • Is your overhead out-of-control with no clear path to reduce costs?

  • Are you treating more patients but earning less income?

In-Office Pharmaceutical Physician Dispensing

MedxSales ProgramDoctor Physician Dispensing


Save Time

Physician Dispensing can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on prior authorizations allowing you and your staff to spend more time with patients.  On average physicians and their staff spend two hours a day of uncompensated time on phones waiting for prior authorizations and administrative duties!  That time now can be used to dispense medications to your patients. (Request an online webinar)

Time Required For Medication Dispensing?

Many physicians think dispensing will take too much valuable time during the busy work day. Often physicians are shocked to learn how simple and quick it is to dispense to patients and generate more revenue for the practice.  Frequently the process takes less than two minutes to properly dispense to patients allowing you to get them home quicker to rest, while simultaneously adding revenue to the practice.

“We changed to MedXSales, and I couldn’t be happier.  They took care of all our needs and help manage the entire process.  We were trained in a matter of hours and were dispensing shortly after training to our patients.  I highly recommend MedXSales.” Dr. Sharon, FL

Benefits Of Physician Dispensing To Patients?

Physician Dispensing, In-Office Dispensing, Woman Taking MedicationPatient Convenience – This is the most obvious benefit of providing a Physician Dispensing program. Patients love getting their medication at their doctors’ office and many of our customers say it improves doctor-patient relationships. Patients will no longer have to make embarrassing trips to the pharmacy asking unfamiliar staff for medication to treat their condition.

Families with sick children are perfect candidates for this program because the last thing they want to do after leaving your office is make another trip to the pharmacy.  Save your patients time and money by helping them make one less trip to the pharmacy. (View an online webinar)

Physician Dispensing Motives

According to a nationwide study, the top three reasons why physicians are offering ancillary services include:

  • Patient Convenience (64%);
  • Consistency of Care (58%);
  • Increase Revenue (53%)

– Advanstar Research

What Is The Inventory Process? 

Inventory purchasing and management is an easy process with the MedX web-based dispensing software system.  The system allows users to track inventory in real-time.  There are safety protocols in place to notify staff of inventory miscounts if the situation ever occurs, and the software  holds each user accountable for variances in the system. (Take a look at an online webinar)

Why Your Staff Will Love Physician Dispensing

MedX goal is to help make your dispensing program as easy as possible for you and your staff.  We understand that workflow and staff related issues are primary keys to success or failure.  MedX will help you and your staff with work flow challenges so that dispensing will be a task your staff will enjoy and look forward to every day.

“We operate an Orthopedic clinic in IL and have had a very positive experience with MedX and their dispensing system.  It is easy to operate, and the staff has been excellent.  They know this industry, and that was important to us.  We were approached by a lot of companies, but understood that we need a company with industry experience, especially when dealing with controlled medication.”  Julee, IL

What Changes Can The Doctor Expect?

Doctors should not expect any changes from what they’re currently doing today.  Doctors can even e-prescribe their patient’s prescription to their medication dispensary just like they do today when sending a prescription to the pharmacy.

What If I Do Not Like Point-of-Care Dispensing?

There are no long-term obligations when you try a MedX dispensing program.  You can cancel your agreement with a 30-day written notice for any reason.

Find out more about what physician dispensing can offer.  Register for a free online webinar below to learn more.

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